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Elastic Band


About Us

Montreal indie pop group, What If Elephants, strikes a delicate balance with their elegant and rousing sound – between accessible pop and deeper, introspective lyrics that lie just below the surface. The band puts a positive perspective on adversity and finds inspiration in the impact music can have on people.


Four times semifinalists in CBC Searchlight, winners in Canada’s Walk of Fame RBC Emerging Musician Program 2018, and featured both on Canada Destinations and Parcs Canada for promotional campaigns, they’ve resonated with fans across the country. They’ve recently performed with fellow Canadian acts such as Milk & Bone, The Royal Foundry, Port Cities, and Birds of Bellwoods, on tour at summer festivals and showcases such Canadian Music Week,  POP Montreal and Festival Artefact - soon to tag on Beau’s Oktoberfest with Neon Dreams September 21st.

With September 25th, marking the release of their single, “ETA”,they’re already in collaboration with Walk Off The Earth producer, Tokyo Speirs, preparing more material to unveil in 2020!





Elastic Band
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Being a part of the WIE Team gives you an inside peek on the inner workings, upcoming releases and imminent plans of What If Elephants. The WIE team is the group of people that works along side the band in helping the music have a greater impact by sharing within their circles and communities what the band is all about.